Monday, August 30, 2010

Terran Spider Mine & Crucio Seige Tank

Detail descriptions of Terran Spider Mine & Crucio Siege Tank. Switch to full screen & pause the video to read them. I found no use for Spider Mines aside from those missions where speed is not important. Terran Vultures are too weak for any offensive or defensive purpose so the best they can do is to lay Spider Mines to delay or weaken enemy rush attacks.

Crucio Seige Tanks are great for base defense. Put a few in seige mode around your base & they'll rain down hell on your attackers. Their armor is kinda weak when these tanks are mobile. They are totally defenseless against enemies air units so you need to get some Goliaths to cover them when enroute to assault the enemy. Best put them in a massive Hercules & land them right down in the enemy base morphing straight into seige mode. They'll rain havoc & destruction on the enemy structures.

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