Friday, August 27, 2010

Betrayal of Sarah Kerrigan

Background on how Sarah Kerrigan was betrayed by Arcturus Mengsk, power-hungry leader of the Sons of Korhal. Kerrigan is sent with a detachment of troops to stop the Protoss from interfering with the Zerg rampage in Tarsonis, but her position is overrun by the Zerg and she is abandoned by Mengsk. As Raynor deserts Mengsk in disgust, Kerrigan is presumed dead.

Instead she is captured by the Zerg swarm & infested with a unique Zerg virus, turning her into a frightening & very powerful human/Zerg hybrid completely under the control of the Zerg Overmind.

The Sarah Kerrigan in Starcraft 2 is neatly potrayed as a beautiful, strong & determined Ghost operative. It's ironical & sad she was betrayed by the very man she trusted to be a just & fair leader of mankind to replace the corrupt Confederate government in the Koprulu sector. Very beautiful voiceover, perfect fit for this very attractive character.

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