Sunday, August 29, 2010

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty ending scene

After destroying either the Nydus Worm network or Zerg base for flyer units, the remaining Terran force assault the Zerg primary hive cluster on Char. The Queen of Blades inflicts heavy casualties on the Terran force as they defend their base while waiting for the Xel'Naga artifact to charge up. Finally the charged up Xel'Naga artifact destroyed the Zerg swarm & de-infested Sarah Kerrigan.

The Terran marines wondered into the primary hive & found the de-infested Sarah Kerrigan inside (her hair is still Zergish though). Tychus Findlay pointed his C14 gauss rifle at Kerrigan & confessed he had made a deal with Arcturus Mengsk to kill her in exchange for his life. But Raynor managed to stop his dastardly act & killed Tychus with a single shot from his pistol (most likely a headshot, shooting elsewhere on a Terran marine armor suit would be useless).

Raynor carried Kerrigan outside towards the sunset, as Kerrigan regained her memory, she laid snugly into his arms, knowing very well the worse is over for her.

~~~ THE END ~~~

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