Monday, September 13, 2010

Awesome Bombing By Terran Battlecruiser

Awesome scene at the end of Starcraft 2: Zero Hour Mission where Raynor's Battlecruiser Hyperion under the command of Matt Horner came to rescue Raynor & his troops from massive Zerg invasion of Planet Mar Sara.

The Hyperion was initially Arcturus Mengsk's flagship during his rebellion against the old Confederacy. Raynor hijacked it when Arcturus left Sarah Kerrigan to die on Tarsonis. Thus begin Raynor's war against his former leader. It is now Raynor's flagship & his mobile headquarter during the Wings of Liberty campaign.

Armed with multitude of ATS & ATA Laser Batteries, Missile Barrage plus the devastating Yamato cannon, the Hyperion is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Does anyone knows whether the Hyperion has Plasma Torpedoes?

Starcraft 2: Infested Terrans Attack Base

Terran Firebat is the best type of unit to defend your base in SC2 Outbreak Mission. Their double hand-mounted perdition flamethrower incinerate multiple infested Terrans rushing to attack these elite flamethower infantry.

Put a regular Firebat in a bunker together with some marines for a balance defensive force. The Firebat will toast any enemies who manage to reach the bunker while the marines engage incoming enemies at medium range. Mercenaries Firebats like Devil Dogs are much tougher allowing you to deploy them outside the bunker to burn any infested creatures than manage to slip through your defensive perimeters.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Starcraft 2: Destroy Infested Buildings

In SC2 Outbreak Mission, you are suppose to destroy all infested buildings on Planet Meinhoff during the day. It's suicidal to do it at night because of the overwhelming numbers of infested refugees & marines that roam about during night time.

To inflict maximum damage with enough time to retreat back to base when night falls, use the Hellion high-speed raider with infernal flame thrower. Hellion fire it's flame in a straight line so multiple units can be hit if you aim for the last enemy rushing at you. This video shows Hellion units destroying an infested Terran base. Retreat back to your base with about 10-15 secs left to night falls before the infested refugees attack.

Starcraft 2: Outbreak Mission Briefing

Of all the 26-30 missions in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty, this is one of my favorite mission. This mission involved you cleaning the Planet Meinhoff from Zerg infestation while defending your base of operation from their attacks when night falls.

Zerg are infesting the area turning the refugees & marines into horrible living dead. They are vulnerable to sunlight which incinerate them during day time. So they burrow into the ground during the day & attack your base at night. You need to defend your base at night & counter-attack them once the sun is up. Incinerate all infestation using your fast moving Hellion with heavy infernal flame throwers.