Monday, August 30, 2010

Terran Medivac, Viking & Banshee

Detail descriptions of Terran Medivac, Viking & Banshee. Switch to full screen & pause the video to read them. The Medivac can be very useful when grouped with ground infantry units such as Marines, Firebats & Marauders. It'll continuously heal infantry units while they engage enemy units.

I'm kinda lost on how best to use the Viking. In Fighter mode, it has powerful Lanzer torpedoes against air targets while in Assault mode, it has twin Gatling cannons against ground units & structures. However, micromanaging them can be a real hassle. You don't want your whole squadron to be wiped out by Zerg Hydralisks just because they are in Fighter mode & you were too busy focusing on some battle elsewhere to change them into Assault mode.

Banshee are cool. When escort by Wraiths to protect against enemy air units, they are perfect gunship for ground bombardment & harassment. Nothing shock the enemy more than few squadrons of Banshee & Wraiths de-cloaking & attacking them by surprise!

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