Saturday, August 28, 2010

Assault on Valerian Mengsk flagship Bucephalus

Valerian Mengsk revealed himself to Raynor as the owner of Möebius Foundation, when the rebel leader confronted him on his father's flagship, the Bucephalus. While holding a revolver to Valerian's head, loaded with one bullet meant for his father, Raynor demanded to him why he shouldn't kill him where he stands. The heir apparent answers that he can give Raynor his greatest desire: a chance to rescue Kerrigan.

Valerian theorized that the artifacts the Raiders were collecting could de-infest Kerrigan. Valerian's motivation in allying with Raynor is to prove to the people that he would be a worthy successor if he reformed the most dangerous mass murderer in history. This is one of the few episodes where we see Raynor's Raiders fighting against Dominion marines.

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