Monday, August 30, 2010

Starcraft 2 Mercenaries for Hire

After few lengthy wars in the Koprulu Sector, there are plenty of mercenaries for hire in Starcraft 2. These include:

1. War Pigs: hardened criminals recruited as Marines.
2. Devil Dogs: ex-Confederate Firebats with more hit points & enhance firepower. **
3. Hammer Securities: Kel-Morian Combine Marauders.
4. Spartan Company: former UED Expeditionary Force with large Goliaths. ***
5. Siege Breakers: ex-Confederate siege tank pilots with powerful Crucio Seige Tanks. **
6. Hel's Angel: pirates that roam the Fringe Worlds with Vikings, preying on Dominion shipping lanes. **
7. Dusk Wings: deserters from the first Dominion's Banshee squadron that operates as mercenaries now.
8. Duke's Revenge: a very large & powerful Battlecruiser with twin rotating cannons. ****

** Good buy
*** Great buy
**** The best money can buy

It's best to use mercenaries for assault since they have higher hit points & more powerful weapons. Keep your regular troops in the bunkers or for base defense. Combine groups of mercenaries dropped off from few Hercules transporters can storm & destroy any Zerg nest.

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