Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Battle on Char

As the Queen of Blades launched waves of pre-emptive strikes against Prince Valerian fleet hovering about Char, Raynor's Raiders set up base on Char to rescue Dominion troops who escaped in drop pods from destroyed ships in orbit. Due to limited time & large presence of zerg swarm everywhere, it's best to rescue only the strong units such as Thor or Battlecruiser. It's sad to see Terran Battlecruisers crashing down due to attack from Zerg spore cannons on Char surface. This is first battle where you can deploy Nuclear warhead, and also the first time Raynor's Raiders combined forces with Dominion marines.

While defending the Dominion base from the Zerg swarm, General Horace was seriously wounded. Fortunately Jim Raynor & Tychus FInlay came to his rescue & called in Banshee gunships to destroy the Zerg counterattack. Jim Raynor won General Horace gratitude & admiration in this battle.

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