Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rally for the Final Battle on Char

Both sides suffered heavy casualties as the battle progressed in Char. Raynor's men & Dominion marines lied dead & exhausted from fending off countless waves of attacks by Zerg swarm from the primary hive in Char. As Raynor picked up a dog tag from dead Raider M.Koiter, General Horace Warfield arrived in the battlefield, his injured right arm replaced by a robotic claw & chain gun.

General Horace brought the now fully assembled Xel'Naga artifact to be deployed to de-infest Sarah Kerrigan. Raynor reassured Tychus Findlay who balked at the prospect of depending the whole war in Char on an alien artifact. Raynor's inspiring speech to everyone to get ready for the final battle is the pinnacle of this scene.

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